January 19, 2022
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Advantages and disadvantages of Tiny Houses

The Tiny House, a type of house located between mini-trailers and comfortable homes, creates lots of excitement around the green and minimalist lifestyle it provides. Indeed, fixed or movable Tiny Houses are built on a wooden frame and mounted on a trailer, offering many advantages over traditional habitats, but also questions about their disadvantages.

From a legislative standpoint, it is considered a “mobile residence”. Therefore, the format of Tiny House is similar to a caravan: it is limited by the maximum width and weight allowed for a vehicle as well as the maximum height allowed to cross a bridge or a road, tunnel. These ultra-small mobile homes are also constructed of lightweight and precious materials.

So that these small mobile homes do not create disappointments, it is important to consider their advantages and disadvantages before the project. Here they are.

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Benefits of tiny houses

  • The price per square meter is lower than an extension of a house or a traditional dwelling
  • Absence of property tax and housing tax if you only own the Tiny House (and not the land).
  • It is mobile so it offers an intense and unique life experience every day: facing a pond, at the edge of a wood, at altitude, etc.)
  • The ecological footprint is very small:
    The permeability of the soil is respected;
    Its energy consumption is very low. It is largely renewable;
    Some showers operate in a closed circuit with just-in-time sanitation;
    It encourages people to reduce their consumption (purchase of non-essential equipment, minimalist lifestyle);
    Rainwater is filtered to make the water potable.
  • The miniature house is more durable than a motorhome or caravan and more comfortable: it offers better thermal and sound insulation
  • Its discount is low. If you change your mind after a few months of use, you shouldn’t lose money.
  • More and more successful plans are available on the Internet.

Disadvantages of tiny houses

  • Mini-houses are difficult to live in year round: the lack of space and comfort can be badly experienced over the long term.
  • Renewable energies (solar panels) are insufficient if several gourmet electrical devices operate simultaneously (laptop, washing machine, heating, etc.). In this case it is the gasoline generator that starts (very polluting).
  • The format is incompatible with family life: lack of privacy and too limited space.
    It requires certain sacrifices and a return to a simple and minimalist life. Examples: No standard washing machine (OneConcept instead for 2kg of laundry maximum);Water purifier or Berkey (gravity filter);Recycling of waste water for the shower for example;Dry toilets;
  • Choose from among its household appliances.
  • It is prohibited to keep a Tiny House on land for more than 3 months. Otherwise, it will be considered a permanent home. An RFP is then required for its compliance.
  • If you want to settle down, you will have to stabilize it with stilts, connect it or set up a wastewater treatment system.
  • Its cost is higher than a garden studio.
  • In terms of security, it is less resistant to fire and its staircase and the mezzanine are not secure for children.
  • Municipalities do not always look favorably on the installation of housing which escapes local taxation.
  • Towing the trailer means having a powerful car and consuming a lot of fuel.
  • It does not enhance your main house like a house extension or a garden studio.
  • To benefit from a truly comfortable Tiny House for two, you will need a truck license.
  • It is tiring to travel many miles with your caravan. In addition, many curious people get dangerously close on the road to take photos…

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