November 29, 2021
bike insurance

Bike crack & bike insurance

Bike carrier and bike insurance: the essential points to know

bike insurance

Many travelers use a bike rack to transport their two-wheelers while on vacation or on the go. For this, it is very important to take out bicycle insurance. In fact, there is no shortage of claims during the journey, especially since theft of bikes is commonplace these days. Learn a little more in detail in this article!

Why is it necessary to insure bikes on a bike rack?

Bike carriers have been very successful with consumers in recent times. It is a device that is mounted on a car, either on the hitch ball, on the tailgate or on the roof. This equipment allows owners of vehicles of different sizes to easily transport their bicycles.

However, being installed outside the car, two-wheelers are not among its standard accessories. As a result, these will not be taken into account by the usual auto insurance contracts. It should be noted, however, that during the journey, there is no guarantee that the damage and claims that this equipment may cause to others will be kept away.

In addition, it is important to protect yourself against bike theft. In this case, it is essential to take out bicycle insurance for all the equipment placed outside, including the bicycle carrier, the bikes and the protective cover if there are any.

Can auto insurance be enough to cover bikes?

Having car insurance does not necessarily mean being insured for any damage that may be caused by the bike carrier. This is the case for most conventional auto insurance.

In this way, the bikes will not be compensated in the event of a slight loss. In addition, if the bikes drop out and damage other people’s vehicles at the same time, the damage will not be covered either. The same goes for stealing bikes. Therefore, it is prudent to invest in a specific bicycle insurance policy.

Bike insurance: best option to cover bicycles on hitch bike racks
To better insure the bikes on the bike carrier, two options are available to users.

First, simply extend the auto insurance contract by adding a specific option. Drivers can, among other things, subscribe to an accessory warranty or to a vehicle accessories and fittings warranty.

These two options allow you to insure the damage caused by the bike carrier. Secondly, users can opt for a separate bike insurance. The latter is preferred for the most expensive bikes. It should be noted that the theft of bicycles is not covered if this act occurs on a car in prolonged parking. This, regardless of the type of bike insurance chosen. In this case, it is recommended to install an anti-theft device.

Instructions to follow to properly insure your bikes

Despite the bike insurance, it is good to know that no special guarantee accepts to take care of the claims caused by a device not in conformity with installation and also in terms of homologation.

In this case, a few rules must be observed when transporting bikes on a bike rack. First, it must meet French and European standards known as CE. Then, this device must in no case conceal the license plate and the rear lights of the car. Otherwise, drivers must have a plate and additional lights added to the carrier.

Then, it is necessary to respect the maximum load supported by the vehicle, but also by the bike carrier itself. Also, the width of the entire vehicle and the bike rack cannot exceed 2.55 m. With regard to the height, this cannot be greater than 4 m. In addition, the installation may not go beyond 1 m at the rear end of the car.

Otherwise, users are required to install an approved reflective accessory. The latter is to be supplemented by a red light in the event of fog or during a journey at night. Finally, the installation of the equipment (bike rack on car and bikes on bike rack) must be correct.

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