January 19, 2022


How did we choose?

Choosing a quality model among all those available on the market is not obvious. It is necessary to consider the price, your use, the functionalities, the technical characteristics and the solidity of the various devices.

To make this comparison and to help you make the right choice, we looked at some key features:

  • Materials : As your barbecue will probably stay outdoors, it is important that you consider the quality of the steels that are offered. Very often, the steels are of poor quality and subject to discoloration, stains and rust. Enamelled or vitrified steel barbecues are preferable.
  • Barbecue assembly : carefully check the construction of the barbecue. The more stable it is, the better. Enamelled stainless steel trolleys without welds and with welded joints are generally the most robust. Prefer a barbecue equipped with wheels that have a real axle to the wheels that are just bolted to the chassis. Check that the angles are not too protruding and therefore dangerous for children, but also the strength of the handles and their proximity to hot surfaces.
  • Food : If you buy a barbecue just to grill some sausages, you do not need a model too sophisticated. But if you plan to cook some meats that need to be seized, then there you have to think about its heating ability. Unlike charcoal barbecues, gas barbecues offer many possibilities! Some will even allow you to “simmer” the dishes. In the same way, look closely at how the juicer and grease traps work and are installed.
  • The use : you have the choice between a small mobile and light barbecue, a barbecue on furniture with work plan on both sides or a fixed barbecue to integrate into an existing set or to create. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I have enough room to put all the ancillary supplies? Do I have water nearby? Etc.
  • The dimensions : the larger the barbecue, the more burners there will be and the more expensive it will be. As for the cooking space, do not skimp if you have to have a lot of guests, you have to cook in one service to see two maximum.
  • Quality and maintenance : we usually buy a barbecue so that it lasts 5 to 10 years at least, besides many guarantees cover such a period. Without necessarily looking for luxury, consider investing a minimum in your gas barbecue. It will be money earned. However, be sure to properly maintain your barbecue by cleaning after each service. Grease the parts that are in contact with the water and protect, if necessary, your device from the weather.

Based on these characteristics and user opinions, we analyzed about twenty models available, before reaching our final selection. To finalize this comparison, we analyzed the technical characteristics, but also user opinions. We also favored barbecues sold by companies specializing in garden furniture and outdoor equipment.

So, in the end, we chose 6 models of different sizes (to meet various types of needs). The latter are equipped with a lid, side shelves, a cabinet, a thermometer, two or four wheels, and their design is not displeasing …


The charcoal barbecue is considered the classic barbecue model. His notoriety comes from the special taste he gives to food during cooking. However, some weaknesses make him a tool still difficult to master. Recently, to satisfy fans of charcoal barbecue, there are high-end models specially designed to perform in all respects.


barbecue high-end coal stromboli luxury

The first element to know that we are right in front of a high-end charcoal barbecue, and that’s the design. This style of design differs from the classic models in their elegance and luxury. A beauty that when not used, these high-end models can highlight your interior. On the other hand, we also note that a barbecue high-end charcoal can have wheels or be simply fixed. And finally, there are the finishes that are of great beauty.


High-end charcoal barbecues can be made with different materials at the same time. The focus is on resistance and long life. It is with this in mind that we often find a protective coating. Regarding the nature of the materials, stainless steel is often chosen as the main material. The advantage with stainless steel is its extraordinary resistance to corrosion.


On a high-end charcoal barbecue, the bowl is made using cast aluminum. Enamelled steel is also used as well as stainless steel. Because of the role of the tank (ie, heat preservation), high-end barbecues often have large tanks. This allows them to keep the heat for a long time.


On a high-end charcoal barbecue, the grill is made of stainless steel. This allows him to have several assets. Resist against heat is the first asset. In addition, it gives it another advantage: it transmits heat quickly to food. In terms of maintenance, the advantage is that even when it is hot, it can be washed.

The lid is also made of stainless steel. Note the presence of a seal whose role is to allow the lid to retain heat. At the back of the lid is often an opening that allows the gradual removal of this heat.

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