January 19, 2022
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Where should the refrigerator be located in the house reasonably and safely?

The refrigerator is an item that is too familiar to the home and the people. However, many people when they first buy back often do not care about where the refrigerator should be placed in a reasonable and safe place, thereby leading to unfortunate consequences. So where is the refrigerator in the most appropriate position?

Location should not install the refrigerator
The magnetic field emitted from the refrigerator is quite strong, especially for large-capacity refrigerators like side by side refrigerators. Therefore, when you put the refrigerator in a location close to other electronic devices such as TVs, speakers, amps, karaoke systems in the living room, these devices will be infected. At that time, the TV will have an unstable display quality picture, the speakers, karaoke or amplifier will flicker about the sound, the sound emitted will be disturbed, affecting your enjoyment.

Do not place the refrigerator near to other electronic devices.

In addition, if you put the refrigerator in the living room space – where you and your family often gather to live, in the long run, the magnetic system emitted from the refrigerator is quite strong, which will affect your nervous system. and family members, worse it can seriously disrupt the body cells working in the body, directly affecting the health of the user.

In addition, a refrigerator is an electronic device used to preserve food, it uses electricity to operate, so it will generate heat, so around the refrigerator should ensure enough airy space. , should not put the back of the refrigerator close to the wall, at least 10cm away to ensure heat loss for the refrigerator, helping the refrigerator operate stably, prolonging the life.

Proper location to install the refrigerator
According to feng shui experts, the right place to put the refrigerator is the kitchen in your house. This position not only brings prosperity to the family but also avoids the negative consequences emitted by the refrigerator magnetic field. Your kitchen will definitely be away from the living area and bedroom, this will help the refrigerator’s noise not affect your living and sleep.

Absolutely do not place the refrigerator too close to the gas stove.

One thing to note is absolutely not to put the refrigerator too close to the gas stove. Sparks from the gas stove can accidentally shoot into the refrigerator, damaging the surface of the refrigerator, or worse, cause unfortunate explosions if a fire enters the refrigerator’s gas tank.

tủ lạnh

Refrigerator installation position affects the general feng-shui of the house.

In a nutshell, the location of the refrigerator not only affects other electronic appliances or the service life of the product, but it also affects the overall feng-shui of your home. Therefore, do not take lightly to find out where the refrigerator should be placed in a reasonable and safe place in the house, it has a complete impact on your life.

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Here are the appropriate locations when choosing a refrigerator that you should refer to to apply for your family

The right direction to place the refrigerator in feng shui is the North and Southeast direction, this is considered a healthy direction, which is the right place to put the equipment operating 24/24.

In feng-shui it has been said: “The evil bearing is suitable for tranquility, not suitable for shock”. Putting it in the evil direction will shock the stars, and incite it to cause trouble.

For those of the Fate Thuy, if their career is not favorable, they should have a refrigerator at work. In which, water, beer and ice can be stored to promote career and success.

As for the people of the Destiny, they should not have a refrigerator near. These people should put the refrigerator in a hidden place of the house.

The best refrigerator should be kept in the kitchen.

Because the fridge belongs to the destiny of Kim, the kitchen belongs to the Fire, where the prosperity of the Fire is, it needs the appearance of Kim to balance (because Hoa Khac Kim should reduce the fire in this space).

However, when placing the refrigerator in the kitchen, you should also pay attention, do not place it directly opposite or too close to the stove.

The hot air of the stove when cooking and the cold air released from the refrigerator are in conflict. This arrangement causes family members to conflict, often quarrel, not get along.

The refrigerator is a common item placed in the kitchen, but do not place it in a position facing the kitchen doors and doors.

Never place the refrigerator in a place with direct sunlight, or where high temperatures will cause the refrigerator to not cool after a period of use.

This will cause streams of energy (gas) to clash with each other and can cause instability in the family, even leading to bankruptcy.

Feng shui experts recommend that you should not place a refrigerator in the resting space because it will cause negative effects on the quality of everyone’s sleep.

The main decline in health is also a clue that causes many disasters for family members.

Note when using the refrigerator to avoid placing electronic devices on the top of the refrigerator

Regardless of the safety factor, appliances in the kitchen from ovens, microwaves to juicer or other machines should also avoid placing them on top of the refrigerator.

Because the electronics placed next to each other always emit extremely strong electromagnetic air jets that negatively affect the health of people living in the house.

Many people have a habit of handy to put things on the refrigerator, for a long time the top of the refrigerator will become a storage place.

This thought was innocuous, but in fact it affects the accumulation. So it’s best to clean the refrigerator, both inside and outside.

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